Losing Our “Eye”

Let us then lay aside the works of darkness and put on the armor of light.  Romans 13:1-14 There are times when we come against so many trials our first reaction is to defend ourselves and rightly so. However, in these times, we are confronted with how we go about shielding ourselves from attacks without hurting ourselves in the process.  In 1947, when describing Mahatma Gandhi’s approach to conflict resolution, Louis Fischer wrote; The shreds of individuality cannot be sewed together with a bayonet; nor can democracy be restored according to the Biblical injunction of an “eye for an eye” which, in the end, would make everybody blind. Examining today, we can see many in this world responding in such darkness. None of us is completely free from such actions, but Paul encourages us to put our strength in the consciousness of the Spirit that is the light of Christ summed up in one word – Love – the only double edged sword that convicts us and confirms us. It is this armor of light that keeps us, as believers from losing our own “eye”.