The man called Jesus made mud…  John 9:1-7   Characteristic of Social Work are the hard cases and the difficult stories of those suffering and in need of services. Although there are rules to providing services, often it is the willingness to get ones’ hands dirty that makes the difference. What may seem like a miracle to some is really all in a day’s work when it comes to social service. When no one else was willing to reach out to the “unclean” blind man (perhaps because it was the sabbath), Jesus was not willing to pass him by. Instead he reaches out with dirt, to “make clean” what others considered dirty. This scripture helps me understand that nothing in this earth is beyond God’s usefulness. Neither are we beyond God’s favor. Regardless of our state, or where we are, Christ is always willing to get his hands dirty for us. He will not pass us by.

Google Image: Ethiopian Icon: Jesus healing the blind man.