Make Room For Faith

How then does he now see? John 9:18-41  Judgment by definition is the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions. We are always coming to some conclusion about what we’ve seen, heard, or experienced even if they aren’t all sensible. This is usually a good place to make room for faith. Even today Jesus’ homemade remedy for healing a blind man from birth is nothing short of a miracle, but miracles come from God. Thus the blind man concluded and believed Jesus to be a prophet from God. The Pharisees didn’t experience Jesus in that way.I often ask myself, what were the Pharisees more upset about? Were they upset because Jesus could do something that they could not do, that a man who was blind could now see or fear of losing God’s favor? We all have some tendency to discredit or judge things we don’t understand. It’s a defense mechanism. If you were the one who received a miracle what conclusion would you come to? If you have yet to receive a miracle, are you willing to believe that it could happen to you? Or – would you prefer to defend that it just couldn’t happen for someone else?

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