And now… abide in him, so that when he is revealed we may have confidence… 1 John 2:18-29  I recently read and article about President Obama’s decision to pursue some issues concerning justice and equality. These are issues he did not press hard during his first term, but now believes it to be the right time. The reality is that there are in fact some things he can do as President (such as pardons) that he can not do serving in any other office or capacity in this land. Often we want things to happen as quickly as possible. When they don’t, a variety of ill emotions rise to the occasion. Whether we like it or not there really is a time for everything. We do our best to remain focused on our goal and the change that we expect externally actually begins to happen internally. We learn to maximize every moment and strategize every move that we have in preparation for the goals we are trying to reach. In terms of our relationship with God, his timing in our lives often requires maximizing moments and strategizing moves (unseen from our perspective), because what he has prepared for us is far greater than what we could have prepared on our own. So we take courage and know that at the right time, God’s blessings will turn in our favor.