If I am not doing the works… then do not believe me…  John 10:31-42  What would the Olympics be without some controversy? The Russian skater performs a slightly more technical program but flawed. The South Korean skater performs a slightly less technical program but is perfect. Although judging in figure skating has gone through some changes over the years, there are still times when disparities occur and judging is unclear to the viewer. As viewers we see the works. Our eyes see perfection and we think surely that person belongs on top. We see imperfection and nothing else the person does seems to matter. Though we are held accountable for wrongdoing, the human factor in judging is what makes the difference. Praise God that from a spiritual perspective, God’s relationship with us is not held by human factors! Thank God that we are judged by our heart, the faith within and the love we express for God and one another. These are the works we must continually put forth with confidence knowing that God sees past not only the imperfection but the mistakes and shortcomings as well, even when no one else can. Eventually we learn to focus on the works pleasing to God rather than the works that please other people.

But if I do them, even though you do not believe me, believe the works…

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