Lent Day 24

Navigating the Wilderness

Examine yourselves…  1 Corinthians 11:17-34  The other day someone asked me if it was okay to look for a new church, perhaps one that was not part of their upbringing. I don’t think it’s unusual to go to church one day and find, maybe even after years of attending, you’re not being spiritually fed. The first obvious conclusion that most of us come to is that the church no longer offers what we need to be fed. Less obvious is our own outreach/participation or lack thereof within the church. This requires some self examination in terms of asking some questions including; “Are we giving all that we can of our selves in relationship to what we expect to receive from the church?” Paul’s letter to the Corinthians calls to light the misuse of time we sometimes spend while in fellowship with one another. In our journey to strengthen our relationship with God, fellowship is important particularly for those who are “young” in faith and the decision to remain or leave a church should always be given great consideration, prayer and conversation. When a crowd of people came to see Jesus (Mark 8:1-10), in his compassion, he would not send them away hungry. Who among us desires to linger in the wilderness of hunger? So too for the purpose of spreading the gospel, and building the body of Christ, as we come together, let us be mindful of Christ’s compassion as we all hunger for the Spirit of God and find ways to help feed one another.