Lent Day 36


Firmly placing himself in Jerusalem, Jesus is where God has called him to be. A proliferating crowd seeming to shield the moment, yet soon to be short-lived as it only takes one pull of the cover which is weakened by the thin layers of belief of those who hang their faith on that which they can see. In Christ as True Love establishes its authority within, one by one they begin to fall away. It’s a very familiar experience for us today. As we get closer to fulfilling God’s purpose and goals, people fall away (some temporarily). They see us approaching Jerusalem, the place where we leave all that we’ve given up in the name of Christ, in order to allow God’s glory to take its place in our lives, and they say; “Naw – that’s not me.” Jesus isn’t phased by the falling off and neither should we be, because much like Christ, True Love has established itself  within us and there is no turning back so we let them go, as we too emerge where God has called us to be.

…it is God who establishes us… by putting his seal on us and giving us his Spirit in our hearts… 2 Corinthians 1:8-22


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