Finding Faith In God’s Forgiveness

Clear Vision – Reconciliation

Now deep in the midst of Jerusalem, we’ve repented, fasted, prayed, forgiven and loved. As we take a 360 degree view we realize that some who have started out on this journey have in fact fallen away. Let’s just say that in their infancy for now, they have abandoned the cause. It’s not easy to push through wilderness, as we’re constantly pulling away webs of frustration that serve only to distract. However, the fact that we still stand is a testament in itself. That others have fallen away is not from lack of trying on your part, besides significant change comes only when we are ready to hear and follow God’s calling on our lives. Whatever gift His Spirit has given us, it’s to be used for his glory, which is a far greater reward than we could imagine or hope for. It’s okay that today we may stand alone (physically) but with True Love, we are never alone in Christ! True Love defends it’s own and shows us with clear vision that God’s desire for us and our desire for him are reconciled. God has accepted our repentance, seen our fast, heard our prayers, forgiven our sins and loves us even more. We are now ready to walk out of the wilderness of uncertainty and into certainty of faith, securely defended and upheld by True Love.

The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.  Mark 12:1-11

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