No Time For Hibernating

I will not leave you orphaned…  In a little while the world will no longer see me, but you will see me; because I live you also live.  John 14: 18-31  Some might say that the problem with the world today is the inability to see Christ. Yet, how does one see Christ when we struggle to see one another? I believe or life in the resurrection requires that we see one another by disciplining our minds (1Peter 1:13-25) to act; to respond to one another in love. But we can not respond in love if we do not recognize that all life is created by the one true God. It’s unfortunate that all life is not influenced by His Holy Spirit. As Christ lives in us, we must not hibernate in the blessing of our salvation. A resurrected life is an active life influenced by the knowledge and love of Christ in order that others may see. The things of the world certainly don’t make this easy, but then we don’t live for the glory of the world. We live for the glory of God and the hope that is in a resurrected life in Christ. If the world does not see Christ, what might they be seeing in us?

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