Nurtured By Love

Listen! A sower went out to sow… Matthew 13:1-16  This is a parable in which I’ve heard so many interpretations. However questions from a young couple seeking a spiritual home helped give rise to yet another; how we experience the soil (environment) in which the seed (Word of God) falls. The environment of the Church was intended to be good soil. More often many are experiencing it merely as either a pathway for baptism and burial rights; rocky ground where the gospel is preached but not lived out; or a thorny patch where the Word is used as severe judgment rather than encouragement for spiritual growth. Thus, many who are seeking knowledge of God, struggle to find “good soil.” Even the earliest churches struggled with understanding faith as they cultivated their soil according to God’s Law (instructions for living) and nurtured their soil according to God’s Love. While today we are all too willing to share the inheritance of the Law, let us not forget that the Law is to be nurtured by Love.

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