A Greater Pleasure

From whom do kings of the earth take toll or tribute?  Matthew 17:22-27  Much like the Israelites before Moses, there are times when I am guilty of remembering the small pleasure in the midst of what really was a miserable situation. For example, being paid well in an unfulfilling job. In difficult times it can be easy to dismiss the fact that I was serving at less than my capacity because I was being paid well. I was giving too much tribute to the money. To know God, trust and believe in God’s plan, is to raise our consciousness towards the omnipotence of God.  We can not expect to live in this physical world and not follow its rules without consequence. However as children of a living God we do not owe tribute to the world. Our tribute is to God who is not limited in power. As believers, we are free to expect God to provide for us especially in times when we need God the most and directly in the face of what the world demands from us. In the end awaits a far greater pleasure.

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3 thoughts on “A Greater Pleasure

  1. A really good message for the saints just now. We are being called to decide our allegiance and their is a cost to that allegiance (either way we decide). If we continue to follow our Americanism we may very well choose wrongly and be secure for a moment here but could very well find ourselves homeless in Heaven

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