Let us go up at once and occupy it,  for we are well able to overcome it.  Numbers 13:1-3, 21-33  Caleb was ready, but the leaders who had gone with him to spy on the land that was promised to the Israelites were not. To themselves they seemed like grasshoppers! In a 70’s television show Kung Fu, Caine a young martial art student is referred to as “grasshopper,” one who has much to learn. Through out the series, Caine as an adult has flash backs of what he learned from his master, which enable him to move forward to find his half-brother. While he journeys through the wild west, he confronts injustice and fights to protect the underdog as he remembers his social responsibility he learned from his master. The leaders of Israel were discouraged and so the people who followed were discouraged. Because of their discouragement and unbelief, that generation (save Caleb and Joshua) did not get to enter into the land that was promised. Not everyone in our circle is able to see the big picture. Perhaps like grasshoppers in this life we have much to learn in this world. Yet like Caleb it is important to know that with God (our master) we’ve learned that a bigger picture exists and we too in our journey, are well able to overcome the world.


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