A Delay Is Not A Denial

For this reason it depends on faith…  Romans 4:13-25  In recent years I’ve become quite settled in to online shopping. It’s relatively easy, no slow check out waiting, no “express” check outs, and no human interaction. I get what I want and 99 percent of the time I’m quite happy with my purchase. On occasion, but not very often, for whatever reason my order gets delayed. That’s the down side, waiting for something you know is on the way. Then there is always that rare occasion when your order never arrives. Expectation of physical things can be like that. With God however, a delay is not a denial. Our expectations in life, much like those packages can get held up, misguided or at times lost in the wilderness of the world. However, the power that is in faith even as small as a mustard seed is stronger than any interference of God’s plan for our lives. God will loosen, redirect and find any lost dream that wills to be found.