Abounding Grace

…where sin increased, grace abounded all the more…  Romans 5:12-21  The laws of God were given for the people of God in order that we know how to be in relationship with one another. On the whole humankind isn’t very good at this, but we try. We also try to separate ourselves from sin and we are not very good at that either. We are all born into the do’s and don’ts of the world. We are also born into God’s grace over the world. Thus sin and grace are not opposed to one another they are part of the duality of life. Where sin blinds us, grace is always at the ready to enable us to see. We have only to ask, “Lord let our eyes be opened”  (Matthew 20:29-34).

4 thoughts on “Abounding Grace

  1. “Thus sin and grace are not opposed to one another they are part of the duality of life.”
    I am not sure I catch your meaning here. I would like to hear more. I have always thought of grace as the counter-agent for sin…Christ’s power breaking in to do away with sin and sins.

    • Thanks for your comment. How I understand grace is that it existed with God from the beginning. So grace does not exist to oppose sin. Sin came in with the opportunity to choose. Sin exists because we don’t always choose what’s right. Also,although together they both exist, I believe that sin does not exist to oppose grace because grace, which came first,cannot be opposed. I think of the numerous times I’ve sinned and God’s grace remained upon me. We sin because we can – not because we oppose God’s grace. God who knows the heart, gives grace – a spiritual act because he can in spite of sin – a physical act. Yes I too believe grace as a counter agent but not to act against – but in spite of sin. We however must not abuse such a gift as grace and learn and strive towards eliminating acts of sin in our lives. I hope I am a bit more clear. Thank you again. Peace

  2. An elder spoke on this scripture today and he said that he believes that sin and grace sat down and had a conversation and grace said to sin “anything you can do, I can do better” …..

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