I am laying in Zion a stone that will make people stumble, a rock that will make them fall…   Romans 9:19-33  Once while serving as a deacon, I was coming down the steps from the altar, I missed a step and I stumbled, falling face first with the Gospel book still in my hands. Without realizing it I had used the book to keep my face from hitting the tiled floor. Not letting go of the book kept me from being seriously hurt. I’d been doing this for seven years and never stumbled the way I did that day. Although I was completely embarrassed, I smiled my way through the rest of the service. In this journey, we are bound to miss some steps. Stumbling certainly isn’t any fun, particularly when we have worked really long and hard at something. When we find our selves stumbling. We must be careful to not let our faith in God’s plan stumble as well. Instead we build our faith on our desire to do God’s will as we hold firmly to the Gospel and let it embrace us. As obedience to our faith strengthens us, we will rise with a smile every time.