What Vultures Do

Wherever the corpse is, there the vultures will gather.  Matthew 24:15-31  I remember while at Kruger National Park in South Africa we noticed a group of vultures quietly boldly resting on a dead tree. The guide told us that it was possible that there was a dead animal somewhere and they were waiting there turn to feast on whatever was left of its corpse. My first reaction was “how gross.” The reality however, is that’s what vultures do. In referring to the end times in this passage of Matthew, Jesus is merely stating the obvious. It’s also a warning – a message about following what is dead, namely false prophets who lead people astray. Today, that’s not the only dead thing in this world that leads people astray. We must be able to recognize who and what they are, lest we become more like vultures and less like enlightened disciples of Christ.