No Sleeping

Then he came to the disciples and found them sleeping…. Matthew 26:36-46   When your heart is totally devoted to something, at times it can be frustrating when those closest to you don’t seem to share in your passion and the urgency that you feel to act is unsupported. This passion we have is part of the gift God has given us. If our mission is to use the gift for God’s glory, then our faith must be in God who will also provide us the laborers. This coming Saturday, The Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania will celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Women Ordained to the Priesthood. We have definitely overcome some of the oppressive and hurtful “isms” in our society, and yet 2000 plus years after Jesus lifted up the marginalized, there are some who still sleep. When the larger church of believers fully reflects the peaceable Kingdom of the love of God, perhaps the world will be affected by the church’s baptismal vow, as we lift high the cross and the love Christ proclaims, in order that no flesh will attempt to ignore.

4th Anniversary of Women Ordained to the Priesthood

Church of the Advocate

18th & Diamond Streets

Philadelphia, PA


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