A Short Lived Run

…for all who take the sword will perish by the sword.  Matthew 26:47-56  As a senior, I fenced in college. Although I was quite late to the sport the coach of the fencing class saw talent and asked me to try out for the team. Subsequently, I was chosen to be the first alternate which meant I got to travel with the varsity group. I loved it! Something about that saber was a rush particularly when I won, and I won a lot. That is until my last match of the season. I got the first touch easily and then my opponent started doing what looked like magic tricks. Before I knew it the match was over. Ego bruised; I was devastated. It wasn’t until later that my coach told me I was matched against the number one fencer in the state. That didn’t make me feel any better. A short lived run; it was a fun sport but not the kind of “sword” to live by.  If we must live by the sword, let it be the sword of God’s righteousness. Let it be the sword of love, social justice and truth. Then death perhaps becomes a thing of God’s glory and not devastation.

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