Body And Spirit

Those who are honored, but have no understanding, are like the beasts that perish.   Psalm 49:20 When Jesus stood before the Jewish authorities (Matthew 26:57-68), he didn’t have much to say. His actions spoke loud and clear. The problem as I see it was the authorities did not understand the actions. They equated wealth with knowledge, understanding and favor from God. The Psalmist seems to make clear that honor without wisdom is futile. Nor does having honor render wisdom automatically. What is perhaps not as clear is that one refers to physical position and the other refers to spiritual position. With certainty, we know that the body dies but of more certainty, it is the spirit which lives, that we remember. Through Christ the gift of the Spirit doesn’t need wealth. So whom do we serve; the body or the spirit? Up to and including that day before the authorities, Jesus chose the Spirit.