One Single Act

Then Peter remembered…  Matthew 16:69-73  Sometimes, memory convicts us. It takes us back to places we don’t always want to go. Yet at the same time it can serve to keep us honest with ourselves and humble with our words. Early in Jesus ministry, he predicted that from Peter,”on this rock” Christ’s church would be built. The fact that the latter prediction by Jesus concerning Peter came true before the earlier one leaves me wondering if the reality of Peter’s own words of contradiction, is perhaps what brought him to tears and reminds me to never say never. Jesus however, already knew that Peter’s denial wasn’t the end. By God’s grace, one single act ever is. Remembering is a gift and a tool, which helps us live out God’s grace. No doubt, when Peter stopped crying, he dusted himself off and remembered that according to God’s plan he still had work to do. Even in our calling we are capable of falling, but know that out of divine calling God has already lifted us up.