…he repented and brought back the thirty pieces of silver…  Matthew 27:1-10  Is it possible that Judas didn’t think that by handing Jesus over to the Jewish authorities, he would be condemned to death? Is it possible that the last straw for Judas, was seeing the woman “waste” valuable ointment poured it over the head of Jesus? Is it possible that his decision to betray Jesus was purely about the money? How many times have we done things without thinking, that ultimately caused someone else’s pain? How many times have we become so frustrated with a situation we stop thinking and simply react? How many times has money or even notoriety guided our own actions? With Christ the disciples had everything they needed. Christ shared both his knowledge and wisdom concerning God. Christ even shared, on several occasions, his impending death. Why didn’t Judas get it? In the end, Jesus calls Judas friend, choosing to look past the root of Judas’ actions. I believe Jesus knew that Judas would repent. It wasn’t about saving himself but rather saving the rest of us. Yet, sometimes we don’t get it, but with the price already paid, opportunities will always arise to do what’s right, for we who are alive and live in Christ.

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