Native and Universal

And how is it that we hear, each of us, in our own native language?  Acts 2:1-21  Music is both a native and universal language. I’m a music lover from a very early age. I’ve always appreciated the creativity of the art. I’d listen for the bassoon in a Motown tune or the triangle in a classical piece. I was always intrigued by the composer’s use of instruments in places you didn’t expect to hear them. Of particular influence in my young life was Sergei Prokofiev’s musical composition to the tale of “Peter and the Wolf” which helped me understand that instruments have the ability to tell stories which reflect the spectrum of emotions from joy to pain and everything in between. So at the early age of six, I new I wanted to play an instrument. The story of the Gospel is like music to me. I don’t just hear the joys and the pains of Christ’s experience, I share in them. But the language I hear, which holds up all of these emotions and allows me to endure, is the native and yet universal language of God’s love.