God Sees

I saw you under the fig tree… John 1:43-51  For a moment of rest, I take refuge under the fig tree. With work to be done I wonder how might I grow like this fig tree? For now at least it provides the shade. I question if the fig tree does not produce fruit when it is not in season, who bears the fault? Although I am not a fig tree I sometimes feel compelled that I should always be producing fruit. Then I remember that cultivation in life takes time; tilling the soil, nurturing the ground, and casting out the seed, some of which takes root and some does not. Of course the rains and the sunlight each plays its part. Surely God sees the fig tree. God sees me. One day soon the harvest comes for both, but for now I hear my name being called, for there is still work to be done. So, I thank the fig tree for its shade and as I am blessed with my days, I continue to praise God for the journey.