In Good Faith

If…you have acted in good faith then rejoice…  Judges 9:1-16, 19-21   When we make choices based solely on what is said we sometimes experience outcomes on what was left unsaid. Once, stepping out of my introverted box I had an uncomfortable encounter, which left me with an unfavorable opinion concerning a certain person I had approached. Later, I went back and forth trying to figure out what I had done wrong to experience what felt like a negative interaction. From someone with high notoriety I had anticipated a totally different experience. What I didn’t realize at the time was that at various times, we all are at the edge of stepping out of some kind of box; either ones we’ve created for ourselves or ones created by those around us. I had created a box of expectations from this person that God certainly did not ask me to create. Though I rejoice in knowing that I was able to go forth in faith to take the opportunity for our paths to cross, each time I am so called, I remember to leave the box of expectation in God’s hands and simply enjoy the moment.