Renewed Every Morning

But when I called you (men of Ephraim)… you did not deliver me from their hand.  Judges 12:1-7  Asking for help isn’t the easiest of tasks. For some it can be rather challenging and there are times when we find the courage to ask, help does not come. It is particularly painful when those we thought would help, fall short of our expectations. Like Jephthah, trusting God, we must always be ready to move in this journey, lest our feet become planted in unhealthy soil. Instead of growing our dreams wither away. God did not create us to wither away. As God’s mercies are renewed every morning, so shall we be ready to receive God’s blessings. If it is God who calls us towards some action, we can expect that it will be God who not only guides the work of our hands and the direction of our steps, but also fulfills our accomplishments and completes our victories.

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