Springs For Many

… true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth,  for the Father seeks such as these to worship him…  John 4:1-26  The lane of God’s purpose involves increasing the faith. That lane of faith can take many directions without diminishing it’s power. Culture, tradition and various other physical attributes separate and define us in the flesh,  but human origin shares in one important commonality. The one and only spirit of the whole of creation, which gives us life, is the one foundation in the heart of those who believe. Though our free will allows us to engage in our cultures and traditions. Glory be to God that it does not hinder God’s desire to reach the foundation of our hearts in order that our own faith may be increased and what we see as a separation and difference becomes far less important. Our journey is not about what makes us many but rather about what makes us one body, one faith, one baptism. From the one body, faith and baptism we become like springs for many.

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