Just Sow It

…one sows another reaps…  John 4:27-42  One of the most frustrating things is to sow and watch someone else reap from your hard work. We like to think that we will get some benefit out of our sowing. For who sows without expectation of some reaping? If nothing comes from the sowing we are disappointed, but somehow not as frustrated as seeing someone else benefit. It often works out that we too reap where we did not sow. We must have faith that if everyone called by God sows, then everyone who is called will also reap, either by the work of our own hands or the hands of another. Jesus spoke, that all may hear and believe. We are called to speak the Gospel and as faith comes by hearing, it is God who opens the ears. So as we speak in spirit and truth, we sow. We are testimony that we have reaped from hearing someone else who has spoken and sown in spirit and truth.