Ninety-Nine Percent

…though his eyes were open he could see nothing.  Acts: 9:1-9  I recently saw a competition for kids ages 10-13, who like to cook. One of their challenges was to identify foods by taste while blindfolded. It was quite impressive particularly since they were told that what they would be tasting were creepy crawlers and slimy things. However, their experience with food enabled a few to perfectly identify the food by incorporating smell, texture and flavor. To see or hear something from a distance leaves great room for misjudgment. Not until we are willing to “taste” are we able to begin to understand realities for what they truly are. If we limit our perceptions of life, (whether our own or someone else) to sight alone, ninety-nine percent of the time we will miss something. To miss anything of what we perceive means we never have the full story. While we may never have the full story –  together we can learn to value and experience the use of all our senses (physical, intellectual and spiritual) in order that we are ever striving to understand rather than continue to misjudge. Perhaps then, we can move forward with our “eyes” truly open.

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