Is not this the man who made havoc…?  Acts 9:19b-31  It was a curious turn of events indeed. The disciples in Damascus just couldn’t believe it. How is it possible that one who openly disdained “the way” could now be it’s biggest defender of the gospel? I’m sure we all know someone (including our selves) from the past, doing something today we never thought we’d see them doing.  God at work has no respect of person, shows no favors and wills to take hold of the heart of whomever the Spirit chooses.  The fact that the Spirit moves the way it does, is I believe a good thing, otherwise it might not choose any one of us. God knows the heart even as the head has not yet figured it out. The only people we limit with our mis-perceptions is our selves. Thankfully, it’s not possible to limit God and people like Paul, you and I are lifted to do the work of the Gospel in spite of what others perceive of us – what we perceive of others – or what we perceive of our selves.

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