The Right Judge?

Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.   John 7:14-36  Signs are indicators that don’t always point to the whole truth. Laws are guidelines that are often bent and broken.  We aren’t called to trust every sign that we see or respond to every call for civil disobedience. However, above the signs and the laws we are called to trust God. Yet these days I struggle. For every black male the signs are dismal and the laws are too often severely broken. Everyday more and more stories are revealed concerning the unjust application of laws based on appearances. All the signs indicate that it’s okay to look at a black male and first assume the absolute worst then freely disregard civil rights. The new Pharisees of the day are blind, and the ignored frustration of a people continue to go unheard or misjudged. What conspiracy is this that exists solely to hinder generations of a certain posterity from being? I thought once my sons were old enough, I believed their common sense to know and do the right thing would allow them to fully participate in a “free society”, pursue their dreams and achieve their goals. I still trust God for that. The question remaining; “Will they live love enough?”

3 thoughts on “The Right Judge?

  1. The injustice of the world remains it seems even after so much work has been done by so many we still find ourselves in an uphill battle with ourselves. A heart filled with prejudice and segregation will not know eternal prosperity.

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