Living To Be

What my Father has given me… no one can snatch it out…  John 10:19-30  The first African American Ballerina (Misty Copeland) to dance the lead in Swan Lake, defies convention. Her desire to dance was stronger than convention; stronger than the shortsightedness that is characteristic in prejudice, fear and oppression of what others believed her to be. Yet, she is the first of many firsts and some may never believe nor understand that God’s gifts are given without respect of person. With her heart and mind of one accord, the gift Misty was given could not be snatched away. So too, with one accord in heart and mind, what God gives to us, is for us. Only in discord of heart and mind can it be rendered inactive, ineffective or incomplete. At evening rest we dream our dreams, while in the day let us continue to strive and live as they come into being.

Image: Huffington Post; Point Magazine