The “Right” Hour

And what should I say – Father save me from this hour?   John 12:27-36a  Despite the fact that we sometimes have to wait, all good things happen at the “right” hour. It’s not necessarily important that we are “fully” prepared for everything that is about to happen because in reality we really don’t know all of what is about to happen. What’s important is that God believes that we are prepared enough. Once we have done everything that could be done up to the point of receiving any gift or blessing, at that hour we must be ready to simply say yes – as we continue to have faith in God who will help us with the rest.

2 thoughts on “The “Right” Hour

  1. Thank you! this was a good and much needed word today. I have prepared for a year for a certain event about to come upon me and now it looks like all my fine plans are beginning to unravel. I may not know what is about to happen but I know that God has prepared me even for the things which I cannot anticipate.

    • All glory to God! your Welcome. You and I and many others I know seem to be in the very same place. So much preparation and when the hour comes it comes! For myself at times it’s overwhelming but still God is making things happen and praise the Lord we are not alone. Continued Peace and Blessings – 🙂

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