Building On Love Not Logs

We never really know what we have until we’ve lost it. It’s especially true for people. That’s because sometimes we favor things or the idea of having something more than we favor what God has given us right now – that being the people we love in our lives. Of course we certainly don’t mean to do that. We simply lose focus and forget, and before we know it, it’s taken away. Some scholars have said the stone that the builders rejected (Psalm 118:22-23), referred to by Jesus did not originally apply to his messiahship. Jesus himself said; “even though you do not believe me, believe the works (John 10:38).” Yet, they couldn’t do it! The authorities were so focused on the “rightness” of the rituals, that they forgot about the righteousness of Love. Perhaps, the stone that the builders rejected was God’s Love. So we must take care that those rituals don’t become like logs in our eyes (Luke 6:39-49) that keep us from “seeing” clearly the foundation of Love, which God intended us to build upon.


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