Centering Prayer

Saturday’s Meditaiton – Sirach 15:1-10, 18

Whoever fears the Lord will do this,
and whoever holds to the law will obtain wisdom.
She will come to meet him like a mother,
and like a young bride she will welcome him.
She will feed him with the bread of learning,
and give him the water of wisdom to drink.
He will lean on her and not fall,
and he will rely on her and not be put to shame.
She will exalt him above his neighbours,
and will open his mouth in the midst of the assembly.
He will find gladness and a crown of rejoicing,
and will inherit an everlasting name.
The foolish will not obtain her,
and sinners will not see her.
She is far from arrogance,
and liars will never think of her.
Praise is unseemly on the lips of a sinner,
for it has not been sent from the Lord.
For in wisdom must praise be uttered,
and the Lord will make it prosper.

For great is the wisdom of the Lord…


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