Open Invitation

When entertaining, the general rule is; you touch it (with your hands) you eat it. So it’s no surprise that the authorities are stunned that Jesus would sit at the table without washing. As usual the Pharisees immediately judge the situation. We all do it. Dirty hands at the table in this day is simply unacceptable. We are not interested in OPG’s – other people’s germs. In our church there’s only one cup. Some drink from it. Others don’t. They simply take the bread or wafer and dip it into the wine. Then there are those who neither taste the wine nor eat the bread for personal or health reasons. I say it doesn’t matter. Just bring your hope, your struggles, and your thanksgiving.  Give for alms those things that are within; and see, everything will be clean for you (Luke 11:37-52). Let not our heart be troubled (John 14:1-4), come and take your place at the table. Everyday, I am ever thankful for God’s open invitation.

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