Change Maker

A friend once shared that she used the same Gynecologist in the city for years. Although she and her family eventually moved to the suburbs, she continued to travel into the city to see this one doctor. Over the years the neighborhood in which the gynecologist’s office was located experienced an ethnic shift. Gradually the complexion of the other clients got darker until finally one day she walked in to the doctors office and noticed that not one of the persons in the waiting room looked like her. Admittedly, it was her first experienced understanding of what it felt like to be a minority. It would be her last visit. I’ve often wondered, what if the doctor had felt the same way and decided to leave the neighborhood for good. Who would those women of color, now in that neighborhood, eventually go see? We know that change is inevitable in this world and yet when it happens we have a tendency to run away from the change in an effort to seek a more familiar environment or circumstance. We struggle to see and or ignore the potential opportunity that change can bring. Since we know that change is inevitable, eventually there will be no place we can go before it catches up with us. God is the change maker! If we turn back towards the change, we allow ourselves to find familiarity in the midst of the change and realize that deep within we are not so different after all. Children of God uniting with one another rather than separating from each other; building up rather than breaking down. Then one of them, when he saw that he was healed, turned back praising God… Luke 17:11-19

4 thoughts on “Change Maker

  1. We so often run away from or fight change when it is the very thing God wants to bring into our lives. Out church just went to double services. As a result we ended up stacking a few rows of chairs until both groups grow into the sanctuary. One man indicated he would leave the church because we stacked away his row and he couldn’t possibly be expected to move!

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