Open And Unwarranted

Needing to take some time after the grand jury in Ferguson, MO decided not to indict the officer responsible for shooting Michael Brown, my heart is dismayed but not surprised. It seems to be an open and unwarranted escalation of the fear of presence, as a legitimate excuse to shoot-to-kill a human being. So much needs to change, from the systematic degradation of the body and mind by a society on people of color to the strengthening of our communities to fight back by building up the body and minds of our posterity and their gifts, in order to strangle this continuous perpetuation of the lie which says that the presence of black men and boys are to be feared. I am thankful for my husband, father and grandfathers who have worked to provide for their families and contribute to society. I can honestly say that their participation in this world is evidence of a strong and passionate heritage. I am thankful for my two sons who continue to work towards their own future and God willing, for their future families. I am thankful and excited about the gifts they too will offer to this world.  I am thankful for the major cities which stood in protest of the Ferguson event and encouraged by the diversity of faces expressing the value and importance of respecting the dignity of every human being. Tonight I pray for all families who have lost precious lives to the absurdity of this fear in which no one deserves to be subjected. Lord in your mercy, hear my prayer.

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