Rarely do we see ourselves as the voice of John the Baptist. And yet in many ways that’s exactly who we are; the messengers before the coming of Christ! We are the voices crying in today’s wilderness, preparing the way for those who come after us. Our voice matters! Without it, how could our children know what and whom to look for? Without it how will they know which way to go? Without it how will they discern the ways of this world. We’ve heard the cries before. Where there is no justice there is no peace. In this season of hope and expectation, peace is the furthest thing from our minds. So how do we get peace back in our lives? How do we get to an undisturbed freedom, a freedom from violence, abuse and disrespect, a freedom to be whom God has created us to be? How do we get to that civility that is the responsibility of both the people and its elected authorities. How do we get to that peace reflected in God’s kingdom – here on this earth, in our country, in our community? We need to be that voice to remind us and particularly those in authority that the freedoms for which all of our ancestors fought was first given by God to all of God’s people, that God’s law came before man’s interpretation of it and no where does it separate or segregate it’s application to the people of God.We have an obligation to not only be conscious of those keepers of injustice but we must name them out loud. Call it for what it is. John cried in the midst of abusiveness and so should we. As we continue to pick up where John the Baptist left off, not one individual will ever be able to say they could not, – did not hear that voice urging us to “make the path straight” and do what is right! Let the protestors protest. Our voice matters. With every moment of injustice, the cries of John the Baptist becomes our cries, to prepare the way for true justice, and prepare the way for true equality, in order that we too may live in the way of true Peace.

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