Planting Season

Every planting season has its time of harvest. Although it’s up to the sower to nurture and care for the planted seed, sometimes weather conditions affect the harvest. However, we know that over a certain period of time, with the right attention, care and nurture, something will be produced and because we’ve invested our time we wait for it. It seems not one day goes by, that I don’t hear via social media of yet another incident of excessive use of authority by police. We must begin planting a new seed. Protests will draw attention to the need for the planting of a new culture in our society and that’s good. However, we must nurture it with our votes and expect commitment and accountability for the authorities we put in place. Today, Christ warns us to “Be on guard.” After the protests, let us all begin focusing on registering our voices with our votes, in order that everyone become a part of the constituency for change in our communities. Know the issues, determined no longer to be caught unaware, with our backs up against a wall, our heads pressed to the hard surface of a pavement, or our necks constricted of God’s free gift of air that we breathe. As we continue to invest our voice in this new culture, we wait for the expected harvest of a changed egalitarian society.


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