It’s A Wonderful Life

Someone recently asked me if I was 23 and about to enter into this ministry in light of all the things that have happened in the past year and knowing what I now have come to understand about the church and the world, would I still want to enter seminary to do this work. I emphatically said yes, especially today at the age of 53, knowing what I now know, there is no other answer. As Christ considered the world in its state at the time of his ministry, I have the gift of his “yes” in his time, to thank, for my desire to say “yes” in mine. For many reasons, it’s not just a wonderful birthday, it’s a wonderful life!

Saying Yes To Love

Saying Yes to God is like saying yes to Love. Today – as we see Christmas approaching, let us consider the importance of our saying Yes to God’s love and how our saying yes to that love is able to bring to birth  new and marvelous things, and how it prepares us and others not just for the coming of the Messiah but for everything God has in store for us.