Happy New Year! 2015

Before the promises – before the resolutions I remember. I remember the many firsts and the many lasts in my life. I remember the successes. I remember the failures and I give thanks. I thank God for allowing me to see this day – a year older and unfortunately in some years not always wiser, but always grateful for the opportunity to try again. That’s what saying yes to God has meant for me. Yes, at times it’s meant taking risks but without out risks (action) there is no reward. Yes, at times it’s meant making myself vulnerable but without vulnerability not even the good things are able to enter in. Yes, at times saying yes has caused some pain, but without some pain it would be difficult to discern difference. Every New Year has much to offer each of us. Let us not forget that we have much good to offer the New Year. Let us be true to who God has called us to be and the trueness of God will continually be revealed. Have a wonderfully blessed Happy New Year!