What’s Your Passion?

Christ’s ministry began with two signs, discreetly performed and perhaps with some reservation but not without desire or passion to use the gift of the Spirit that was upon him. Mostly the word ministry is attached to ordained persons of some religion, but in reality that is merely one discrete definition. In the larger picture, ministry is service, an act of helpful activity or aid enhanced by the desire and passion to use our gifts. Upon meeting people we have a custom of asking what they do. For some, this can be an uncomfortable situation. Yet, if we form a new custom of asking what is their passion, at the very least it’s the beginning of a different conversation that may lead someone on the path towards a new ministry. All are not ordained to sacred ministry, neither are all ordained to rocket science. Large or small each of us is ordained with some gift and the passion to use it. If we find our passion, we discover our ministry. How we use it, is what makes the difference. How we use it, is what’s seen by God.

Lord God help us to find the passion for the gifts you have given us that we may use it to your glory.

3 thoughts on “What’s Your Passion?

  1. We are all called to ministry in one form or another. As I read Ephesians 4 those called to the “five-fold ministry” are specifically called to equip others to prepare and plug others in to their specific ministries. We pastors are ministry trainers and connectors.

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