Full Flavor

Years ago while in undergraduate school as part of a desire to change my diet I stopped putting sugar in my coffee. At the time it was a rather huge sacrifice because I had decided to eliminate sugared foods as well. Certain things like donuts, I stopped eating all together. Eventually, after about 4-6 weeks I didn’t miss the sugar. I began to taste the true flavor of the coffee. I recognized that different coffees had different tastes. Some coffee I preferred over others and instant coffee still remains a mystery (although I’ll drink it if it’s the only thing available, including tea). Recently, I heard a preacher say that fasting before God exposes things within us that needs to be released in order that we may attain a new thinking. It is often necessary to eliminate some things in our life in order to experience the true flavor of what’s really purposeful in life. Thank you God, for as we begin to taste the full flavor of the gift of the Spirit, we not only find ourselves thinking differently, but ready to begin singing a new song.

Sing to the Lord a new song, his praise from the end of the earth! Isaiah 42:10

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