Not Too Late

While it’s still January, I figure it’s not too late to re-think the commitments I made at the turn of the New Year. A series of events have caused me to come to a fuller understanding of my relationships with God, family and the world. Last night I had a conversation with a powerhouse of a friend and all I could think of was how much I wanted to be her when I grew up. Then this morning, after I watched an episode of “Charmed” (yes, it’s one of my favorite good vs. evil series) and subsequently read Isaiah, I was reminded of my past ignorance, weaknessess and vulnerabilities. Of course I’ve not overcome all of them but my consciousness of them gives me a fighting chance to perhaps reach that powerhouse satus. First however the one consciousness must continually be replaced by another. While it may seem to some a natural thing, if that were the case everybody would be doing it. Never the less as I write I speak I act – to re-commit myself this New Year to consciously strive to put away all hindering thoughts and replace them with the peace, the grace, the mercy and the Love that is the consciousness of God.

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