Shaking Off The Dust

I’ve often thought about this phrase; “shake off the dust from your feet” and for years believed that it meant you were never to return to a place because it turned out to be so unhealthy. After all what would be the purpose for returning once you’ve shaken off  every remnant of dust? I think though that it’s not so much about the place, as it is about us shaking off a not so good experience and giving ourselves and opportunity to walk in “clean” as we enter in to a new environment. In this way we don’t bring our hurt or feelings of dissappointment to the new place. Whatever drama was happening in the place we left will simply have to work itself out without us and it doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t return. At times our journey can become discouraging, but if we can shake off the dust from that discouragement, the path ahead isn’t quite so heavy. I thank you God because the harvest is plentiful. You encourage us to “shake it off” and  keep moving as we walk annointed in your grace and mercy.

He called the twelve and began to send them out two by two…  Mark 6:1-13

7 thoughts on “Shaking Off The Dust

  1. Oh that is really good Rev. Deirdre. So many times we fail in a new place or relationship because we haven’t fully cut our ties or healed from the last place or relationship. We need to shake the dust off so that it doesn’t carry over into our new opportunity and turn it into a curse.

    • Thank you, I totally agree. I’ve left places and relationships filled with hurt and thought jumping into something else quickly would help, kind of like getting back on that horse before allowing the broken leg to heal. So many lessons to be learned in the interim and the benefit of the presence of God in our lives makes everything possible. Thanks again. Blessings and Peace

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