The Cloth And The Flame

…the moth will eat them up.  There’s an expression “like moths to a flame,” suggesting the tendency to be drawn to the attractiveness of light. The light generally represents something both good and desirable. Moths on the other hand don’t necessarily enjoy the same favorable characteristic. Adult moths are positively phototactic, meaning they automatically move toward light. They are “charmed” by the light even if it leads to their demise! In reality, moths prefer darkness but when the light shines they can’t help themselves. Moths in the larvae stage are drawn to natural fiber garments such as furs, silks and wools, also considered good and desirable. However their attraction to the protein keratin contained in such garments is far more beneficial to the moth, leaving the garment destroyed and full of holes. Gracious God, pesky moth that I am, in my maturity draw me forever towards your flame, away from the darkness and death of the garment that is eaten away, that I may live eternally in your light.

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