Prophets Among Us

a prophet … from among your own people…*  February is Black History Month, one of many opportunities to shine light on the achievements of African Americans – to lift up those whom God has already raised among us, past, present and future. Just this past weekend I learned that an individual had been arrested for the senseless brutal murder of a woman, a dear friend to some, a well respected colleague to others; who died only because she walked with the innate courage to do the right thing. While many are shocked, and or angered (myself included) that the once unknown subject was among her own environment, I can’t stop thinking about how heavy must have been the heart of this beautiful person as she walked knowing what she had to do to someone who was among her own environment. From the remarks of those who knew the confessing individual, there is no way she would have known that her walk that morning would be her last. Prophets are persons regarded as inspired teachers or proclaimers of the Word of God. I was prepared to write about our distant past, but today I celebrate African American History with the newest definition of a prophet in Kim Jones, now in the company of the many saints, who’s life journey included this one short walk and innate gift of courage. Let us remember that it is our journey as well  because the time will always be right to do the right thing.

*Deuteronomy 18:15-20

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