Worth The Trip

I have compassion for the crowd… I can’t say that I know what it’s like to not have anything to eat. I can however say that I know what it’s like to go without eating. It was a long trip down south to my grandmother’s house. My two sons were sleeping and I was eager to arrive just so I could rest, so I decided not to stop for dinner. I had called to let her know I was about 45 minutes away. When we arrived at my grandmother’s house around 9:30 pm she was in the kitchen and dinner just about ready.  I suppose I knew within me that she would have something for us to eat. She always did. I also knew that anything she cooked would be way better than anything I could buy even in the south. I thank you God for as we draw ever closer to you, your compassion to feed us the Spiritual food is like my grandmother’s desire to feed us after a long journey. It’s always worth the trip.



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