…not of the slave but of the free…  My little church exists because 100 years ago the congregation with the Tiffany windows and the sterling silver altar settings didn’t want to worship with the likes of Negroes. Today the readings reminded me of the times when African Americans were severely treated as if we weren’t part of the promises of God. Some might say that in many ways, today we’re still treated in that way. No doubt the Church’s history is quite sketchy as well, which is perhaps why I am such an advocate of the Spirit of the Body of Christ. Walls mean nothing and while they must be safe and secure, it is the Spirit of the people within the walls that really matter. Thank you God, for I am ever encouraged that my ancestors survived not because of the “walls” but because you did not contain your Spirit within them.

Galatians 4:21-31

Image: emdoodle.com

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