Between Daylight and Darkness

Out of the believer’s heart… I recently saw an episode of Twilight Zone about a young boy and his neighbor friend, a prize fighter whose best days were behind him. When stepping into the ring his courage was intact but his faith was in shambles. He was at the point in his career here he didn’t step into the ring to win. He stepped into the ring merely to get paid. Fighting was how he made his living. So it is for many of us. At times we fight against the harsh realities of life and other times just fighting to get out of bed in the morning. The young man in the episode decided to help the faith of this fighter by making a special wish for the fighter to win. As wishes go between the daylight and darkness of the Twilight Zone, it becomes true. The only thing left is for the prize fighter to believe. Gracious God in those twilight zone moments of our own lives, let not the sun go down on our disbelief that we may rise in faith and forever proclaim your glory in our lives.


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